Good moral short story Be it, children or elders, these stories will give knowledge to everyone. Read without delay

  • good moral short story – Abandon the bad guys

Was a painter. He was very skilled in painting and used to make living pictures. Once he made a portrait of a little boy. The picture was so attractive that millions bought it and put it in their homes

He became the beauty of picture houses. After painting the little boy, the painter became very well known, very happy. When that painter grew old, he thought, “Today I will make the last picture of life of such an evil criminal, whose shape reflects his cruelty in such a way that people will stop committing misdeeds by seeing that creation.”

He went to jail in search of such a person. The painter saw many prisoners, criminals. One of them liked the painter. So the painter started drawing the criminal. The criminal asked – ‘Mr.! What are you doing? “The painter said I am drawing you.” ‘The criminal asked what is in me like this?’

The painter showed a picture of an innocent child and said- ‘I made this picture many years ago. And people liked this picture very much, today I want to make such a picture of you. Seeing the picture, the culprit got tears in his eyes. The painter said it seems. Seeing the picture, you remembered your son. Please forgive, hurt your feelings.

The criminal said no, the painter. This picture is not of my child, it is mine – on seeing my childhood and present, wept. Today I became a cruel criminal due to bad habits and bad company.

If I too had got a good accompaniment, it would not have been my plight today.

This story teaches

If we all remember the spiritual discourse, then we will be saved from misunderstanding and divinity will come in the life of all of us. It will teach us to bend, to be humble, to kill our pride, to teach us to be human, to kill animalism and to elevate humanity. To love most and remove the defects, weaknesses, will enrich us with virtues like goodwill, tolerance, forgiveness, restraint, etc.

  • good moral short story – Concentration and practice 

Once a king desired to learn mathematics. A great mathematician was invited. The king pleaded – ‘Please read.’ The mathematician accepted the request and started education. Even after a long time, mathematics did not make sense to the king. So the king said to the mathematician, is there not a simple and convenient way of learning?

The teacher said in a serious voice – ‘king! You are the king, there is a beautiful highway for you, there is a pleasant arrangement for rest, but there is only one way of learning for the student – concentration, and practice. You will have to walk this path like this, both of us together cannot make it easy.

Then the king understood the matter. Then the king concentrated and became an excellent mathematician by practice.

This story teaches

Concentration and practice are very important for learning.

  • good moral short story –  Reward of favor

Long ago there lived a poor woodcutter named Ram in a village. He is always ready to help another. He had a lot of compassion for creatures. One day he got tired after collecting wood from the forest and sat down under a tree for a while. Then he heard the sound of chirping of birds from the front tree.

He looked in front, scared. A snake was moving towards the birds of the bird sitting in the forest. The children were screaming for fear of that. Rama started climbing trees to save them. The snake started coming down for fear of the woodcutter. The same bird also came to lat. When he looked at the tree of Ram, he understood that he killed the children.

She started screaming at Ram’s chest. More birds also came from his voice. Everyone attacked Rama. Poor Rama somehow came down from the tree. When the bird went into the house, its children were sitting safely. The children explained the whole thing to the bird and realized its mistake.

She wanted to apologize to Ram and thank him. A few days ago, while searching for grain, the bird found a precious diamond.  The bird put that diamond in front of Ram and sat on a branch and thanked him in his language. Ram lifted the diamond and thanked him by raising his hand towards the bird and walked from there.

This story teaches

The reward of favor on someone always comes back as a positive result. So we should help others

  • good moral short story – If anger comes So read

Spoken anger hurts others’ minds and worsens relationships. A folk tale prevails in this regard. According to the legend, in the old times, wealthy merchant used to get angry on everything.

In anger, he does not care about good and bad, and he used to speak such things to others, which made everyone sad. Due to such behavior of wealthy merchant, all the people of his village were very upset.

When the saint of the area came to know about this, he called wealthy merchant his ashram to meet him. When wealthy merchant reached the ashram, the saint seated him with respect and gave him milk to drink. (The saint had added some bitter to the milk.) After drinking the milk, shroff said that it is very bitter.

The saint asked him whether your tongue really knows what is bitter? wealthy merchant replied that as soon as the bitter thing comes on the tongue, the taste is immediately known.
 The saint said that no brother is not like this, the bitter thing is not known as soon as it comes on the tongue, if this was true then why would people speak bitter words?
wealthy merchant did not understand what the saint said. He remained quiet. The saint again said that brother, keep in mind this, people who speak bitter, or talk to others outrageously, their tongue also becomes as dirty as it is now by drinking bitter milk.

wealthy merchant understood this about the saint and resolved to control anger. He told the saint that from now on he would only talk to everyone.

This story teaches

 Anger can cause cracks in good relationships. That’s why anger should be controlled. If anger comes, then one should remain silent at that time. Only then can the relationship be avoided by breaking

  • good moral short story – Never boast

A prince, while going to the ashram for education, daily saw an old man begging. He used to sit on the old road and asked for money and food from the people who came and went. He could not get food properly, due to which he was very thin, his clothes were also very dirty.

The prince had everything for comfort, but the prince did not like the old man. One day he told the begging person that you have nothing, begging, why do you want to live? Why not pray to God to give you quick death?

The old man said that I pray to God every morning and evening that this life is of no use to me, give me death, but God does not listen to my prayers. Perhaps God wants me to live in this world and people living here can understand that by seeing me, time can change anytime.

I was once rich like you too. I too had comforts, but I never helped, I was proud of my appearance and wealth. Now my everything is ruined, I have no food to eat, no clothes.

This story teaches

Everyone should understand these things after seeing me. Never boast because happiness and sorrow keep coming and going, time can change anytime.

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