In this article, moral story in english for kids, by which children will learn morality. So read

  1 –  moral story in english for kids,

The greatest wealth is knowledge.

There was a king. He went to the forest to hunt one day. And he went far into the forest in search of prey and lost the way

The king had forgotten the way to the palace and was looking for a way into the forest

Because of the dense forest, he could not understand. Which direction to go

Looking for a way, he got tired and walked and sat under a tree.

Hunger and thirst were bothering him. Due to which the king was suffering.

Then he heard a voice, after going near he saw three people cutting trees

Seeing them, the king said to them, can you bring food and water for me from anywhere? I am very hungry, then the three said yes, yes!

Then the three went towards the village and brought food and water. The king took food and water. The king was pleased with all three people. The king said to them, I also want to help you. Whatever your wish you can say to me, all three people started thinking

Then the first person said that I want money. The king smilingly said that I will give you so much money that you will be happy throughout your life. Hearing this, that person was no longer a place for happiness.

The king now asked the other person what do you want? The man said would you give me a big house and a horse cart? Then the king said why not? I’ll give you a luxurious house and a horse cart. Now the king asked the third person what do you want?

The third person said that I do not want a lot of money or a house. Just give me such a blessing that I can become a great scholar by studying well and can get education and serve the country. The king was very impressed by the third person’s talk. The king made a good reading arrangement for him.

That person became a great scholar after a few years of studying. Then the king appointed that person to the post of minister on time.

One day when the king came out to know the condition of the village with the minister, the king recognized those two persons in the village. The king said to him who had helped me a few years ago in the forest. You people are the same, listening to the king

Both those people said yes, then the king said to them both, I had given a lot of money to both of you, then how did you become so poor?

The person who asked for money from the king said sadly. I became lazy with a lot of money from you. I wasted my money in useless things which made me poor

The second person who asked the king for a luxurious house. He said to the king, after taking a bungalow and horse carriage from you, I stayed in it with fun but one day there was an earthquake and everything was ruined, and I reached the same poor condition as before.

This story teaches

Wealth and resources do not always remain with human beings, but knowledge of education is useful for human beings throughout life and no one can steal it. That’s why knowledge is the greatest wealth.

2 –  moral story in english for kids,

Egoist Mountains


 There was a huge mountain in the forest. One day that huge mountain saw the animals, saw the forest and then saw itself. The mountain was very proud of its size. He said to the animals, I am the most powerful, I am your God.

All the animals got very angry after hearing these things from the mountain. The horse went ahead and said – O proud mountain doesn’t be so proud of yourself. In a moment I can run across you, but the horse collapses.

The mountain laughed heartily, similarly, elephants, camels, giraffes all tried, but they could not do anything of the mountain, then all the animals remembered the friend rat. The rat came to the mountain and challenged the mountain.

The mountain made fun of the mouse. The rat started making holes in the smiling mountain. Other mice also started piercing the mountain. The mountain panicked. He apologized to all the animals. In this way, the ego of the mountain was broken by a small rat.

This story teaches

We should not be arrogant, it makes us fall in the eyes of others


3 –  moral story in english for kids,

Defeat turned into victory


Once upon a time there was a king who was living a happy life. Was nurturing his subjects. All the people were happy with that king because that king used to take care of everyone.

One night another king attacked his fort. The king came inside the fort by raiding the invading fort, and the king did not get a chance to collect his saina, he started fighting with some soldiers and his commander.

The king and his soldiers started fighting with the enemy army with full power, but the king’s commander was killed, which reduced the morale of the army, they also started to fear that now we will all be killed in the war.

The soldiers started fleeing the war. When the king saw his soldiers running away because of fear, the king opened fire on the door from which the soldiers were running and said to the soldiers, you have no other solution left.

If you go ahead, you will burn in the fire and if you stand, then this enemy army will kill us. The only solution left to you is to fight with me, the soldier, after listening to the king, exerted full power and started fighting with the enemy army and he defeated the whole enemy army.

This story teaches

If we also put our full strength and work hard towards the goal, then we will also be successful.


4 –  moral story in english for kid

A lion’s favor

There was a gentle boy. He used to go to the forest with his mother to do woodwork. Once his mother read ill, that boy went alone into the forest.

In the forest, he started looking for wood, but then he heard the sound of a lion’s child. The lion’s child had a thorn in its leg. Due to which the lion’s baby was making a painful sound. The gentle boy dared to know the pain of that lion’s child and removed his thorn.

The lion child got up and looking at the boy, walked away in the thick forest. The boy came home. And told the whole thing to the mother, the mother said, son, you have done a very good thing by removing the pain of that lion’s child.

After a few years, that boy grew up. One day his friends said that we both walk in the forest.

As soon as they reached the dense forest, both of them were surrounded by wild dogs and wild dogs started moving towards them both they started to panic and remember God.

Then a lion roars and comes to those boys and runs away all those wild dogs. Those boys are also upset to see the lion, but that lion comes to that boy and starts loving him. Then that boy remembers this is the same lion’s child whom I saved.

This story teaches

 “A favor done on someone is never empty, a favor done on someone is definitely useful. The way the lion saved the boy’s life. “

5 –  moral story in english for kids,

Love can win anyone’s heart

There was a king. He had a wild horse. Nobody was training the horse. The king said whoever can train my horse. He will get a big reward.

Hearing the king’s announcement, people wanted to train the horse one by one.

But as soon as someone sits on the horse’s back, the horse would knock him down quickly. Many people’s bones were also broken in it.

One day a young man came. He told the king that I can train these horses. The king said that many people have tried to do this. But no one has yet been able to train this horse.

The man said that I can still train the horse. But he said that I have a condition. The horse will remain with me until the horse is trained.

The king agreed to them. A year later, the young man trained the horse and brought it to the king. The king was very happy to see the horse trained. He asked the man how did you train him?

He said that the horse was wild. I left the horse completely. So that he can do whatever he wants to do. Whatever he did, I started doing the same. When he ran I would run with him too. If he slept, I would also sleep with him. When he used to eat, I would also eat with him. Mean i used to copy horse

Because of which the horse started to think of me as his friend. In this way I trained the horse. The fault of other people was that they were trying to control the horses without befriending the horse. Due to which he could not train the horse

This story teaches

With love we can win over anyone’s heart whether animal or human

6 –  moral story in english for kids,

importance of practice


A herd of vultures was wandering in search of food. While flying, he reached a sea island. This place was like heaven for them.

There were frogs, fish and many other sea creatures, and more than that, there were no wild animals to hunt vultures.

That is why he could live here very easily. The young vultures were very excited. One of them said wow! It was fun. So, I will never leave here. Here we are getting food from sitting.

The rest of the vultures also started saying yes to his words and he started to laugh happily. Everyone’s days were spent in fun. But the oldest vulture in that herd was not happy with it.

One day an old vulture expressed his concern and said that we are vultures. We are known for our high flying power and unmistakable strength. Everyone has been resting since we came here. We are also forgetting to hunt because of easy access to food. This is not good for our future.

So I have decided that I will leave this island and return to my forest. Whoever wants to walk with me can come. Upon hearing the old vulture, the other vultures started laughing at him. No one obeyed the old vulture, the vulture loner returned to the forest alone.

After a few years, that old vulture thought. Why not go and meet your old colleagues. When the vulture reached the island after a long journey, he saw a scary scene.

Most of the vultures had been killed and those who survived were injured. Seeing this scene, the old vulture asked how it happened? A vulture that was injured said, forgive us. We did not listen to your words. Rather we made fun of you.

A few months after you left, a large ship left a group of lions on the island. The lions did not attack us first. But as soon as they came to know that neither of us can fly high nor can attack with claws. So they started eating us. Only a few injured vultures are alive.

The old vulture was saddened to hear him and flew back alone towards the jungles.

This story teaches

If we do not use our power. So our power gradually starts to decrease. Therefore we must retain our powers through our practice.

7 –  moral story in english for kids,

Impossible is possible

Two little boys were playing some distance away from home. Both of them were so lost in playing that they did not realize that there is a well nearby, a boy accidentally fell into the well. And “Save-Save”, he screamed.

The other boy got scared and shouted for help, but there was no one to help the boy at that place. Then the boy saw that there was a rope lying close to the well, he lifted the rope and immediately threw one end of the rope down into the well. The boy who fell in the well grabbed the rope, he pulled the rope with full force, after much effort, pulled the boy who fell in the well to the top and saved his life.

When he told this in the village, no one believed him. A man said – you cannot take out a bucket of water, how can you pull this child out; You are lying. Then an elder said – this child is right because there was no other way and there was no one to say that ‘you can’t do that’.

This story teaches

If you want success in life, then stop obeying those people who say that you cannot. Most people in the world are not able to succeed because they get into the words of such people and give up, so listen to your heart, you can do everything you want to do,moral story in english for kids


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