Some best story to inspire students – Story Powerful medium to influence the mind – Friends, listening or reading a story is a powerful medium that has the ability to directly influence the mind and heart. So Today we have brought in this article story to inspire students that they will definitely like


story to inspire students

1- story to inspire students – Win or lose depend on us

Once the disciple asked the teacher if someone wins in difficult times (bad times), then someone loses, why does this happen

The teacher said that nature gives equal opportunities to everyone and can use that opportunity to make their own destiny. To properly explain this, the teacher took three cups. Put a potato in the first cup, ice in the second and tea leaf in the third cup.

Now put water in the three cups and put them to boil on the gas.

All the students were watching this with surprise, but no one could understand anything. After 5 minutes the teacher landed all the cups down

Now the teacher asked all the students to watch all the three cups carefully. I still could not understand any student. Finally, the teacher asked a child to touch all three (potatoes, ice, and tea). When the student put his hand to the potato, he found that the potato which had become very hard earlier became very soft after boiling in water.

When the student picked up the snow, she noticed that the ice was very hard at first, after boiling it dissolved in the water. When the student picked up the cup of tea, he saw that the tea leaf had changed its form by mixing it with hot water and now it had become tea.

Now the teacher explained, we had gone through three different things with the same calamity, that is, all three boiled in the water evenly, but the three things did not get the same when they came out.

The potato was hard. It became soft, the ice dissolved in water after heating and the tea leaf also changed its form.

This story teaches

the same applies to humans, Everyone gets equal opportunities, but it is entirely up to you how you face trouble and after getting out of difficult times you all lose or win.

2 – story to inspire students – Preparing for success

The elderly couple lived in a village. They both used to do farming.

Both of them used to go out in the morning to work on the farm.

One day both of them were going to the couple farm. The couple saw that a young man was going somewhere on his bicycle with a shovel in his hand, he appeared for a while and then disappeared from their eyes. The couple did not pay much attention to this

But the next day again that person got out of his bicycle with a shovel, now it is as if it became a daily thing, that person used to go out with the shovel daily. Both couples were eager to know this person is said to be

One day the couple decided to chase the person. The next day when he passed in front of their house, the couple also started following him. After some distance, he stopped near a tree and after walking a few steps, he stopped and started digging the ground with his shovel.

The couple found it very strange and they dared to approach him, “Why are you digging this land here in this wilderness?”

The young man said, after two days I have to go to a farmer to get work, and they want a man who has experience in working in the fields because I have never worked in the fields before.

So I have been shoveling in this field for a few days when I go to that farmer so that I can work properly in his fields there.

The couple was very impressed to hear this and the elderly couple also gave him blessings

This story teaches

Preparation is very important to achieve success in anything. The truth with which, the young man prepared himself to work in the fields. In the same way, we should also prepare ourselves for success in our field of work. Only then will we be able to do that work better

3 – story to inspire students – Secret of success

Once a young boy asked his maternal uncle what is the secret of success?

The maternal uncle took the boy to a pond, then the maternal uncle asked the young boy to go with him to the pond. As the moving water reached the throat, Suddenly, maternal uncle caught the boy’s head and dipped it in water.

The boy struggled to get out, but maternal uncle kept the boy’s head submerged underwater for some time when he started having difficulty breathing, then maternal uncle took his head out of the water and gasped as he came out. Gasps started breathing fast.

The maternal uncle asked, “What did you want most when you were underwater?”

The boy replied, “Breath”

maternal uncle said, “This is the secret of success. When you want success with as much passion as you wanted to breathe, then you will get success. “There is no other secret.

This story teaches

Persistence is very important to achieve success, it is very important to be fervent in what you want to achieve success. And when you have perseverance and passion inside you, then you get success.

4 – story to inspire students – Are we like elephants

Once a man was going somewhere by the way. On the way, he saw an adult elephant. Which was very giant. But despite being so strong, he was tied with a weak rope. The man suddenly stopped there.

He was very surprised to see how such an elephant could be tied with a weak rope. When an elephant has so much power, that it can move the biggest trees, mountains, it can break the chains and be free, but why is it tied with these ropes.

What is the reason why a giant elephant is not able to break free from this weak rope? For the purpose of knowing this reason, he went to the Mahavata (elephant driver) and curiously kept his curiosity.

He asked Mahavat,(elephant driver) “Sir, what is the reason that this giant elephant can fall big trees in a second, yet it is tied with a weak rope?”

Hearing that man Mahavat (elephant driver) replied, when this elephant was very small, I used to tie it with a rope, this elephant tried a lot to break this rope.

But after a lot of effort, it failed and gave up and even stopped pushing the rope, assuming it was impossible. Slowly when it grew. It still felt that this rope would not break. Hence, it is unable to break it. It did not attempt to break the rope. Today it is an adult strong, giant elephant.

But he gave up with the rope. However, it can break the rope at any time and release itself from bondage. But it does not attempt to break the rope now, considering the defeat of childhood as the defeat of life. As a result, it is bound only by a weak rope. The person was very surprised to know this.

This story teaches

Like an elephant, there are so many of us who believe that they can never be successful in life. They assume that I cannot succeed in this work. If they want, they can achieve the biggest goal but they also think like an elephant, they do not even try again.

5 – story to inspire students – Struggle only develops strength

Once a child saw a butterfly cocoon in the garden. He starts looking at her, he notices that a butterfly in that cocoon is trying hard to get out of the hole. But after trying for a long time, the butterfly could not get out of the cocoon hole. While trying hard, the butterfly became calm again, the child felt as if he had given up.

So the child enlarged the cocoon hole with a wooden one to help the butterfly so that the butterfly could easily come out and that’s what happened, the butterfly came out easily without any struggle, but their body did not work Was doing, and the butterfly wings were not even opening.

The child thought that the butterfly would start flying with its wings spread, but nothing like this happened. Rather she died after some time. The child felt very sad.

The child told her mother all this, the mother said, Son – nature has made the process of release from the cocoon so difficult that by doing this, the fluid present in the butterfly’s body can reach its wings, and that hole Could fly as soon as he exited. And you did not allow his normal process to help him. Because of which she died.

This story teaches

Conflict in life gives us strength so that we can move forward because if we get anything in life without struggle then we will be crippled so accept difficult moments in life with a positive attitude because struggle makes us strong.

6  – story to inspire students – Use of money

A king grew old and thought of taking the test to choose one of his three sons as the successor. The king called the three sons and said – take some money and do something so that this room is full.

The first son filled his room with garbage with that money. The second son filled his room with grass with that money. The third son lit a lamp in his room with that money, which filled the entire room with light, and the whole room was filled with fragrance.

The king declared the third son as the heir, who filled his room with light, fragrance.

This story teaches

It is learned from this story that the best human beings are those who make good use of money in good works.

7 – story to inspire students – Effect of compatible

A teacher was going to hang out with his disciples. On the way, he was explaining the glory of the good compatible of his disciples. But the disciples could not understand this. Then the teacher saw a rose plant full of flowers. He asked a disciple to lift the soil from under that plant.

When the disciple lifted the soil, the teacher said – “smell it now.”

The disciple sniffed the soil and said – “Teacher, the rose smells very good.”

Then the teacher said – “Children! Do you know how this sweet smell came in this soil? Actually, on this soil, the flowers of roses keep falling apart, so the smell of roses has started coming in the soil as well.

Which this effect is of the compatible and the way the rose petals start smelling of the rose from the soil, similarly the person who lives in the compatible gets the same qualities.

This story teaches

It is learned from this enlightening story that we should always keep our compatible good.

8 – story to inspire students – Know the truth first

Once the father and son were traveling by train, the son was about 25 years old, the son asked to sit near the window because the father was sitting on the window seat. The father happily gave the window seat to the son and sat down beside himself.

More passengers were sitting around in the train when the train ran, the son shouted with great eagerness, “Look, father, the river, the bridge, the trees are going back, the clouds are also left behind.” Father was also mixing his yes.

Seeing such antics, the passengers sitting there thought that perhaps this boy has some mental problem, due to which he is doing such activities.

The son kept doing such strange actions for a long time. Then a passenger sitting nearby asked the father – why don’t you show your son to a good doctor? Because his actions are not normal, there may be some brain disease.

Hearing that traveler’s father said- We are coming from the doctor right now. The traveler was surprised to hear the father.

The father said that my son was blind from birth. A few days ago it has received the light of the eyes, it has been set on the eyes of another,

My son is seeing this world for the first time in his life. That is why it is doing such a thing because all these things are completely new to it. Just like for a small child. The people sitting around listening to the father realized their mistake and also apologized to the son’s father.

This story teaches

Many times in life we ​​form an opinion about some people without knowing the truth. Because we think about what we see. Therefore, before forming an opinion about someone, we should know his truth.

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