Know today the tension formula from the spiritual. Who does not want a healthy life? But nowadays people are very much afflicted with stress. That is why they are not keeping a healthy life properly.
Today we will learn in this article the tension formula from the spiritual, through which we will also be able to live a tension-free healthy life.

Tension formula in spiritual terms

Whether you believe it or not, it is the absolute truth that nothing will go away with death. All the wealth of the world, the wealth of luxury and luxury will remain here, not even a single penny will go together. Yet the wonder is that man is constantly surrounded by the greed of collection.

This dissatisfaction is the primary cause of all sorrows, but Western ideology says that dissatisfaction opens the door to overall development. All the scientists of today consider dissatisfaction as the basis of development – even if this belief, then why has terrorism spread all over the world today? Why is the common man not happy? The main reason for this is the lack of faith in God and dissatisfaction.

Evolutionary culture has given rise to individualism. Today man is thinking about his own self, abandoning the feeling of mutual cooperation, co-existence. The other’s progress remains the cause of his stress. Money has neither given any success to the path of God nor has given temporal pleasure.

It is a misconception that people moving in cars and living in skyscrapers are happy. If seen, the mutual relations of such rich people are usually formal. Husband-wife, father-son, sister-brother, mother-son, etc. are related to the thread of wealth. On the day this thread messes up, on the same day they become isolated from each other. There is no mutual affinity and motherhood among them.

Is this evolutionism based on dissatisfaction? Better than this are those people, who share in the huts and eat dry loaves of love, who share each other’s sorrows.tension formula

Ego is the mainstay of tension. The egoistic person considers himself to be the doer and envy and envy the achievements of others. If the person in front is also rich, high-ranked, then the egoistic person considers it an insult. He is jealous of this fire of jealousy, why is it like this? Whereas the thing is that all the people in this world are enjoying the fruits of their destiny.

The eternal God is the regulator of the universe. Not even a leaf can move without his permission. Then it is an illusion of stressed human beings to consider themselves as doers. He considers himself successful when successful and blames others on failing. Tension is not a disease. It is a mentality. Only by bringing equilibrium in thoughts can a man overcome this mentality. Man is stressed due to a lack of forgiveness, tolerance, kindness, righteousness, truth, etc.tension formula

Srimad Bhagwat says in the Gita

A person who thinks of discrete subjects becomes associated with those subjects. He becomes deeply attached to those subjects. Many kinds of desires arise in the mind of that enamored man, anger arises due to incomplete desire, stupidity with anger (the worker’s conscience is lost), delusions in memory due to engendered attachment, causing the intellect to perish. Goes. As a result, he indulges in incestuous deeds. 

The Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta has revealed all the concepts that a stressed person has. This tension is the father of all kinds of defects; Because the God-related concept of the egoistic person is destroyed, and he himself is the most enamored by burning the fire of anger in this world by nurturing the pride of the doer. Even after death, he goes into various types of hells.

All the stresses of the world are for those people who are not pious, not pious. They keep grinding in a worldly grinder. God is the ocean of all happiness, peace, and joy, who is leaving him and seeking happiness in the people, things, and achievements of the world, he is making fruitless efforts to find rice by crushing paddy straw.

Except for God, everything else is destitute. What happiness will the achievements of this world give to humans, when their existence itself is dreamlike. Man is a continual part of the same, true, God. Man has no joy anywhere except that. 

Tension formula in spiritual terms

Stress is why people do not have the luxuries that I have? Or the things that I have, should not be possessed by anyone else, but the whole world is running under destiny. No one can change this. When it is 100 percent true that loss and gain, fame and death are in the hands of God, then why burn in the fire of tension

If human beings want a tension-free life, then they must take refuge in God and remember them and abandon all kinds of desires and live in peace. 


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