what is your goal in life Know from a spiritual perspective

When someone asks us what is your goal in life
So we answer him. My goal is – My dream is to become a businessman or I have to do a job in future.We tell him such answers, but this is not really our goal. Our goal should be great, that’s why God has given us human birth
today we will know from spiritual statements what is your goal in life

The person receives the human body by the grace of God and in this life, he gets the opportunity to build his future. Only man has to recognize the interest, the selfishness, the self-harm, the fair-unfair, the discretionary power to decide. Is received, no other creature gets conscience. The question arises for man how to spend his life. Our scriptures tell us what to do and what not to do from birth to death.

If a man runs his life with religion according to the scriptures, then he is able to achieve his welfare and achieve his goal. The real goal of human life is self-welfare. The real welfare of the living is – to be free from the bondage of birth and death. The creature dives in the miserable world-ocean due to ignorance and continues to suffer in various kinds of well-to-do vaginally, suffering all the same

God, seeing his plight, offers him a very useful human body and gives him the opportunity, so that if he wishes, he can attain the divine in one birth through spiritual practice. That is why human beings should not let the rare opportunity of human life go in vain

When the goal of man becomes enjoyment rather than God. Then his intellect is diluted, by adopting ‘authority’ in place of duty and ‘enjoyment’ in place of renunciation, it becomes economical, due to which all his actions are done with unrestrained and devilish gestures. At the same time, he becomes disorderly by not believing in God and religion and starts behaving arbitrarily due to ignorant intellect.

He does not believe in the scriptures, does not believe in gods and sages, and by denying God the product of a man’s brain, he denies karma and virtue. Such practices cause his character to fall. It has been said that having hope of avoiding misery by sinning is the same as if someone has fallen into a blazing fire, hoping to find peace. The more improvement a person makes in his nature and actions, the more advanced he will be.

The real meaning of progress and upliftment is upliftment of character and improvement in behavior etc. That is why our inner thoughts and faults are destroyed and sattvikta comes in the inner house. Such people are considered ideal in the world, whose conduct, preaching, philosophy, touch and speeches benefit others. To make life great, excellent thinking, finite character and generous grant for Lok Mangal – these three things are necessary.

If we sin and as a result want virtue, grieve others and seek happiness ourselves or condemn others and admire ourselves – this is the opposite. The consequences of bad deeds will be bad, so do good deeds. The reason for our sorrow is that we like to walk against the divine orders, and indulge in the illusion of the world. We wish for welfare, but are not able to get away from sin-deeds, and we want to behave like superior men, but do not ourselves. Today, the decline of mankind has come from the neglect of religion.

We do not test our deeds every day how much animalism is there and how much divinity is there? As people become obsessed with worldly enjoyment and collection, unrighteousness increases in society. Faults increase in sin, discord, rebellion etc. Due to this, there has been a huge difference between speech and action, speech and heart. In fact, progress is understood only when the mind of man becomes the abode of divine possessions and everyone wants each other’s happiness and welfare.

Instead of malice, each person’s heart and love should come. Renunciation of selfishness and authority and instead of anger and violence began to accept forgiveness and non-violence. The duty of human beings should be separated from sensory desires and attain God. The attainment of God is liberation from the bond of birth and death. Attainment of God is the ultimate peace and unending joyful attainment.

Where is happiness without the grace of God? Where is the peace? Good thoughts, tendencies or retirement on everything are acceptable to God. There is never peace through the enjoyment of subjects, from birth to birth, from age to age, every cycle. Our welfare is possible only with the help of God. The emergence of God in life and his reputation – that should be our goal.

what is your goal in life Becoming a Good Person and Getting God


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